KPFF’s Stormwater Cinema

Over the past few weeks, I have presented some concepts, design guidance and project examples around the topic of low impact development (LID). This post will wrap up the topic, at least for now.

As you may know – or should by now at least strongly suspect – my employer, KPFF Consulting Engineers, has a long history of designing LID projects. KPFF’s history with LID in Portland mirrors the city’s own experience, starting with our design of the bioswales in the OMSI parking lot, Portland’s first large scale LID project. This legacy carries through to today with our work on the green street retrofit of SE Division Street, which will be completed this summer and has been billed by the city as America’s first green main street. Through our project work, KPFF has worked closely with the city to stay on the leading edge as standards have evolved, to the point of helping to develop some of the tools and guidance that are now required elements of stormwater design in Portland.

Last year, in order to celebrate this history and to take stormwater design to the streets, KPFF launched the Stormwater Cinema series. This group of short films has highlighted a few of our more unique stormwater projects along with some of the design considerations that went into those projects. Having featured one of these shorts – The Stormwater Toolbox – in a previous post, I thought this might be a good opportunity to share the other parts of the series.

Under One Umbrella

Though many had faith in the idea, no one was quite sure how successful Stormwater Cinema would ultimately be, but Under One Umbrella – the series’ first release – passed even the highest expectations. Highlighting a unique stormwater art installation, this clip went about as viral as any stormwater engineering content could ever be expected to.

A Garden to Play In

The series’ second video focuses on Tabor Commons, a project that brought together neighborhood residents, local designers and community building organizations. Engineers at KPFF have donated many hours to this effort over the years, both in the office and on the site.

Stay tuned to KPFF’s Vimeo channel so that you won’t miss the next great installment of the Stormwater Cinema series!


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