Portland Civil Links 09/12/14

It was another week of great weather in Portland, as summer continues to hang on. Here are some civil engineering stories for the week that I found interesting.

  • Here at Civil PDX, I investigated a sinkhole that appeared along my daily bike route. Holes like this are not uncommon – a product of the City’s aging infrastructure. This one looks to be the result of an improperly functioning drywell. The process of discovering and writing about this problem has been an eye opening one for me and has made me rethink the possibilities of what could be happening beneath our failing streets.
  • With the school year underway, the Architecture Foundation of Oregon is gearing up for another round of the successful Architects in Schools program. This program teams AEC professionals with elementary school teachers to help kids learn about the design process. This is a great opportunity for working folks to contribute to educating the youth in our communities. I will be volunteering for my first time this year and I encourage you to consider doing the same.
  • Private development is going strong in Portland. The latest example being Gerding Edlen’s bid to buy 3/4 of a block in Old Town from the Portland Development Commission, where the developer plans to build a $37 million mixed use building. The story offers a slight twist in that Mark Edlen, the company’s CEO, is expected to joint the commission in October.
  • Speaking of a changing Portland, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability launched a web site this week that allows you to tour the City’s Comprehensive Plan Open House from the comfort of your own couch. This seems like a great way to get more people involved in the process. The downside is that you will have to supply your own coffee and donuts.
  • Finally, the Hillsboro Hops – the Portland area’s minor league baseball team – beat the Vancouver Canadians 4-3 on Monday to claim the Northwest League Championship. This is a big accomplishment, coming off the second season after the team’s move from Yakima. Having been to games during both seasons, I have to admit that this year’s team was much improved and their record showed it. If you are thinking that this has nothing to do with civil engineering, you are right, but it is great anyway.

That’s a full lid for this week. Have a great weekend!

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