Portland Civil Links 10/2/14

Development, trees, playoff baseball and a dose of engineering philosophy. These are your Portland Civil weeks for the first full week of fall.

  • Here at Civil PDX, I wrote about the first rule of design, that design is iterative. This is in contrast to math and science education, which teach us to seek direct solutions. The resulting conflict centers around professionals being expected to solve problems in a way that their education has not prepared them to. Cue internal conflict.
  • Portland designer Carl Alviani wrote an incredible article about the major changes that are on the horizon for Portland over the next 5 years. Everyone in the city senses that development is booming, but this article argues that we are only getting a taste of what will very soon be here. Seriously, even if you don’t want to read anything else right now, just click the link and scroll down the page to see some of the buildings that you may see on our horizons before long.
  • Portland Parks and Recreation highlighted the history of the 120 year old copper beach tree that stands in front of the Portland State University Library. This is one of 317 trees throughout the city that have been granted special protections as “heritage trees”. Because the Northwest is so green, we can be tempted to think that sometimes trees need to be cut down to make room for our work, and that replacing them is almost as good as saving them. True, trees sometimes need to be removed, but it is important to balance this with the understanding that the replacing could take 120 years.
  • Finally, after 161-1/2 games, the Seattle Mariners were eliminated from the Major League Baseball playoffs in the middle of their last game of the regular season, when the Oakland Athletics finished a clinching win against the Texas Rangers. As sad as this is, 2014 was the most entertaining season to be a Mariners fan since 2001. At the beginning of the year, the consensus was that a winning record would be a success. The M’s blew past that to finish 87-75, giving us a taste of how fun a pennant drive can be.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!

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