About the Blog

Civil PDX is a blog about the design and construction of civil engineering facilities. Regular topics include design guidance, project reports and reviews of civil related books, products and materials.

Civil PDX was created with the vision of developing a resource that will, in some small way, elevate excellence within and raise public awareness of the civil engineering profession. As a licensed civil engineer practicing in Portland, Oregon, I believe that this is a great profession and that our work is directly relevant and important to the everday lives of engineers and nonengineers alike.

The views and opinions expressed on Civil PDX are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer (KPFF Consulting Engineers) or our clients.

About the Blogger

PeterPeter Craig is a civil engineer with KPFF Consulting Engineers in Portland, Oregon. Peter has a broad background with a focus on the management, design and construction of transportation, parks and site development projects.

In addition to his time at KPFF, Peter has experience in highway construction with Kiewit Pacific Co. and has been involved with multiple water and sanitation projects in Haiti.

Outside of his profession, Peter is a family man, Little League baseball coach and year-round bike commuter.

You can reach Peter at peter.craig@kpff.com.
Find out more about KPFF at www.kpff.com.


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Engineering commentary from Portland, OR

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